Treating Prostate Cancer in 5 simple treatments

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Connecticut Radiation Oncology, P.C.; the exclusive CyberKnife Physician providers in CT

Connecticut CyberKnife Center at Saint Francis


In collaboration with Saint Francis Hospital, our physicians are the exclusive providers in Connecticut to offer CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiation for treatment of cancers and tumors anywhere in the body. We pioneered the development and introduction of this advanced treatment in southern New England. Since the opening of the center in 2006, our physicians at the Connecticut CyberKnife Center at Saint Francis have performed thousands of treatments using this amazing non-invasive technology.

Saint Francis Hospital recently installed the newest, state-of-the art Cyberknife, the S7 model which provides even faster, more accurate treatments than in the past.


What is the CyberKnife?

Despite its name, the CyberKnife does not involve any cuts, incisions, anesthesia or actual surgery. It is an advanced robotic radiation machine which can deliver intense focused radiation with surgical precision in just a few sessions to cancers and tumors anywhere in the body. Because of its sub-millimeter precision, patents typically have fewer side effects than seen with traditional radiation. Since it is able to safely deliver intense focused radiation, treatment is given in only 1-5 sessions over 1-2 weeks rather than numerous treatments over 3-9 weeks with traditional radiation. Most patients have little to no immediate side effects, with no time needed for recovery.

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Conditions Treated with CyberKnife

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